Barbara Tokuen Gray, has been a student of Rev. Dai-En Bennage at Mt. Equity Zendo since 1991, and received lay teacher entrustment from Rev. Dai-En in March 2016. From 1987-89 she practiced with Maureen Myo-on Stewart at Cambridge Zen Center in Cambridge, MA. In 2002, Tokuen co-founded Six Rings Sangha, a satellite of Mt. Equity Zendo, in State College, PA and continues to serve as guiding teacher there. Together with Marcy Daijun Brenner, she founded and leads Moon-on-The-Lake Zendo in East Berlin, PA and offers meditation at Harrisburg’s Downtown Daily Bread homeless drop-in center. She is a founding member and principle mediator in An Olive Branch, a Buddhist inspired consulting firm working primarily with clergy misconduct in religious organizations . Tokuen is an emerita professor of organizational sociology at Penn State University where she taught from 1979-2013. Tokuen can be reached at .

Marcy Daijun Brenner has been a student of Soto Zen Buddhism, under the tutelage of Rev. Dai-En Bennage at Mt. Equity Zendo for over 20 years. In March 2016 she received lay teacher entrustment from Rev. Dai –En. Over many years Daijun has co-led Long River Sangha in Harrisburg, PA, a satellite of Mt. Equity Zendo. She also teaches meditation at Harrisburg’s Downtown Daily Bread homeless drop-in center, a local elementary school, and a Refuge Recovery group in Camp Hill, PA. Daijun and Barbara Tokuen Gray are co-founders of Moon-On-The-Lake Zendo in East Berlin, PA. Professionally, Daijun is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her work is centered around enhancing and strengthening relationships. Daijun can be reached at .

Nancy Nanshin White practiced at Mt. Equity Zendo until her retirement from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, where she was a professor of economics. She completed her shuso training in 2011 and received lay teacher entrustment from Rev. Dai-En Bennage in 2016. During her time in Pennsylvania, she was an active member of the Mt. Equity Sangha and offered zazen to the Bucknell community for seven years. She taught a first-year course at Bucknell called Mindful Consumption, which was inspired by the fifth of Thich Nhat Hanh’s five mindfulness trainings. After retirement in 2017, Nanshin and her husband, Tom Tomei Knapp, moved to Moorhead, MN. They founded hOpen Land Sangha in 2018 in Moorhead and nearby Fargo, ND. She is on the Board of Directors of the FM Interfaith Center and lectures on the practice of Buddhism at local universities. Nanshin can be reached via .

Mary Keien Boutselis is a long-time practitioner of Soto Zen Buddhism.  She received the Bodhisatva Precepts in 2004 and, after more than 20 years of practice with her teacher, Rev. Dai-En Bennage at Mt. Equity Zendo, she completed shuso training and received lay entrustment, the permission to teach, in 2021.  While at Mt. Equity, she co-founded and leads Six Rings Sangha in State College, PA. From 2016-2022, she served on the Board of Mt. Equity. Keien is a trained Spiritual Director and a member of Spiritual Directors International. She has a particular interest in the intersection of Buddhism and Christianity, working with students in both traditions, facilitating the appreciation for the manner in which integrating root traditions may deepen one’s practice.  She has also completed training in end-of-life compassionate care with Frank Ostaseski and Norman Zoketsu Fischer.  The development of Keien’s practice continues through koan study at the Rochester Zen Center. Before retiring, Keien was an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychology at Penn State University and, subsequently, was in private practice with an emphasis on the roles of acceptance and spirituality in the process of transformation.  Keien may be reached at