Moon-on-the-Lake Zendo

Moon on the Lake Sangha invites you to join us on Saturday February 13 from 9:00-5pm ET for Nirvana Sesshin.

We will commemorate this solemn and poignant time in the Buddhist calendar when the Buddha passed into Nirvana by joining together across distances great and small for a silent sesshin on Zoom.  

As Katagiri Roshi advises us, “When you sit down in zazen, you can go toward the dualistic mind of delusion or deeper, toward the one mind of freedom. If you go deeper, with one step you can touch the very bottom, the ground of samsara where alayavijnana turns into tathagatagarbha and you experience nirvana” (from The Light that Shines through Infinity, p. 138). 

We will continue in the form of practice established by NiOsho at Mt. Equity Jihoji. In addition to zazen, we will participate in the 33 bows ceremony and read the Parinirvana Sutra, the Buddha’s last words to his disciples.  

For more information, or to register, please contact Barbara Tokuen Gray

Open Land Sangha